Fuji, Coming Up Fast

©2012 Dave Ortiz

Like most photographers, I am a self professed camera geek (nuf said) and with the advent of Kodak going bankrupt I started looking more seriously for a digital camera that would be just as beloved as my Panasonic Lumix but also had a large image sensor (for all the obvious reasons). For the past few months I have been keeping watch on when Nikon would announce the upgrade to their D700. Why Nikon? I have a boat load of Nikkor lenses plus I like their sensor’s color rendition a little better than Canon’s.

While on the website; Nikon Rumors, I saw an announcement of Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless camera, the X-Pro 1. At first sight I thought it looked a lot like my beloved Contax G2 (the article says as much also). Imagine that, a digital G2, Wow! The great thing about it (besides it being a rangefinder with Fuji’s great Hybrid viewfinder design) is that the sensor is APS size. That’s pretty big for a mirrorless camera (magnification factor of  x1.5, the same as Nikon’s DX format cameras).

I actually bought and used Fuji’s X100 camera and was pretty impressed with the image quality, build and the viewfinder. It was just too slow to use on the street’s of New York. I missed many shots waiting for the camera to wake up. But when it worked – it worked. See image at the top of this post (yes, I know, a pale imitation of a great Paul Graham photograph!). It looks like Fuji  is coming up fast as a contender in the digital camera market, something to consider besides a Nikon or Canon. I am hoping that Fuji has done away with the X100’s quirks. If they do I will be the first one on line to buy one. It’s expensive about 1500 euros for the body and the “normal” lens. They have two other lenses for the camera, a wide angle and a tele macro. Right, unlike the X100 this camera has interchangeable lenses!  Wow indeed!

Tomorrow Nikon makes it’s long awaited product announcements. I’ll be checking out Nikon Rumors to see what Nikon has in store. Fuji will announce the X-Pro-1 on Tuesday.


UPDATE: News on the Nikon D800! 


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