Jersey Shore Moonrise, ©2012 Dave Ortiz

Usually in January it’s cold and windy and while I might go outside to photograph it usually is not for the same amount of time as I do in the other seasons of the year. Whereas in August or September I’ll be out for five or six hours, in January and February I’ll be out only one or two hours shooting unless something really interesting is happening, like Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown. In the colder months I usually get a lot of scanning done. Although I am ready to give up on film and go digital. Yes, my little Lumix has convinced me. Plus the fact that I sandwich my negatives between glass before inserting into the scanner which creates the perfect environment for lots of dust to get into your scan and then the amount time retouching in Photoshop – ugh. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Nikon D800. I hope I will not be disappointed.

My series, Dominion, which is part of the Personal Ecologies umbrella I am filing my landscape work under will probably be my last, all film project. Don’t hold me to that though! January has been unseasonable mild and so I have been out shooting rather than scanning film but this past Friday and Saturday it was quite cold. So I decided to stay in and edit the 100 or so sheets of negatives left to go through for this series. I edited a previous hundred or so earlier in order to submit some work to The Aperture Portfolio Prize. I have not heard anything and so I am assuming I am out of the running for this prize (if I was ever in the running). I started with the dozen or so rolls I took at the Jersey Shore on January 1 (I didn’t spend all my time photographing the Polar Bears) and in early December and I came across this image. I immediately knew that I would use this as my opening image. I love when that happens. When you have thought enough about the meaning of the pictures and the narrative that you want to tell that you can lay that first stone on the path to a completed photo project. Mind you this has been in the works for 2-3 years. Yes, I work slowly. I’ll put up one or two additional beach pictures to get you through the cold weather tomorrow.


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