Streetwerk: Atget In Color

Stars, © 2012 Dave Ortiz

As a photo editor for a well known “Nature” magazine I discovered that nature photographers were either animal photographers or landscape photographers. They are both very different ways of working with your camera. I think something similar can be said about street photographers. There are photographers who concentrate on people (Gary Winogrand) and those that concentrate on the urban space, Naoya Hateyakama’s work comes to mind (just to get out of the NYC area). I’ll admit it is easier for street photographers to do both types of photography than it is for the nature photographers to switch between wildlife and landscape photography.

As I was shooting for my “Imaginary Polaroids” series I noticed that at the beginning my emphasis was on people but by the end I was usually photographing things and scenery.  The images were more about things in my head than about things out there. I guess I have been looking at too many contemporary Japanese photographers like Rinko Kawauchi and Masafumi Sanai. So I guess what I am getting at is that I would like to take street photographs that are a little more introspective and not the “shoot from the hip” school of street photography. Imagine Atget in color or maybe Aaron Siskind.


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