Of Mermaids and Kodak

Mermaid, ©2012 Dave Ortiz

This morning a friend of mine e-mails me this story about Kodak deciding to concentrate on their film business and back off their digital endeavors. The general consensus seems to be, “Thank God they have finally come to their senses”, and I agree. Of course this comers at a time when I am going over to shooting more black and white, which means, for me anyway, shooting with Ilford films. I am still working on the Personal Ecologies, Dominion series which was shot primarily using Kodak Portra VC  film. Lots of photographers love this film  including the likes of Alec Soth. Well, somehow one thing leads to another and I am looking through some of my old negatives and came across these two images shot way back in 2008. I thought they might fit in with the “Street Photography” atelier being held at Soho Photo gallery this Saturday.

Freaks, ©2012 Dave Ortiz

These were taken at what was thought at the time to be the last Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. I believe at that point developers were going to takeover the area. I am not quite sure what happened but Coney Island and the Mermaid Parade still seem to be going strong. I have a bunch more images from this particular parade event so if you like them let me know and I’ll post a couple more.


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