Imaginary Polaroid #6

I really like the concept (or trope if you fancy that word) of the Imaginary Polaroid. Anyone who has visited my tumblr has seen several new examples. I think I will continue to use it as a way to hang and structure my future photographic efforts. Images that will only be seen online on my tumblr for the time being. Isn’t a monitor just as valid a viewing and presentation arena as any other? I also may add them to my website as the collection grows.

Polaroids were great in their time and I discovered them late in the game and only created a couple of dozen really good Polaroid images. But what if you could create a Polaroid with none of the limitations of the original? You control the color, cropping, sharpness or anything you want to do to the image in photoshop (although I tend to be very conservative in that arena, I think of photography as a process to bring me out into the world and that is what I want to capture in the images – the world as filtered through my sensibility) and then create an optimized Polaroid to display on a monitor.

I think that is the direction my tumblr will go in and I ‘ll reserve this space for any diatribe or pithy quote or idea I wish to disseminate.

Below is #5 in case you have not visited Personal Ecology. Both of these images were taken in San Francisco.


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