Tidbits And Pieces of Wonder

©2012 Dave Ortiz

It’s been a busy week both at the home front and at work. But I cam across a couple of interesting tidbits of photography on the web and I thought I would share them with you. First is a listing of the “50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now” There are quite a few unfamiliar names and some really well known photographers. All are worth taking a peek at and links to the photographers websites are included. Also, read Andrew Blake’s irreverent take on this article.

©2012 Dave Ortiz

The name of this blog is “Force of Seeing”. I called it that because it embodies my whole philosophy of photography. Photography is about looking.  A photographer should be so in love with the world that he can’t help but be like a wide eyed kid, full of wonder. A photographer should be attuned to the now, this very moment, because the past has slipped through our eyes never to return and the future has not yet reached our lenses. No photographer better embodies this than the photographer Jessica Backhaus. At Foam For You there is a wonderful little film called (you guessed it) Wonder. Take a look.


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