Square Digital

Imaginary Polaroid #17, ©2012 Dave Ortiz

I am enjoying roaming the streets and making images for my never ending Imaginary Polaroids. I sometimes daydream that they will become the next “Untitled Film Stills”. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. I now walk around with a Nikon D700. It really streamlines my workflow since I do not have to go to a lab or pay for processing. The only problem, well it is not really a problem, but what I would like is to shoot with something similar to my beloved Mamiya 6MF, a square format rangefinder. Does anybody make a digital camera that takes square pictures? It does not have to be medium format since the Imaginary Polaroids are/will be on the smallish side, especially compared to contemporary printing practices. I guess for now I will continue shooting with my Nikon D700 and crop square.


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