Emergence, ©2012 Dave Ortiz

There were definitely times during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey when I felt I was in Dr. Seuss’, The Waiting Place. We were stuck in our house without power or heat and surrounded by downed trees and smashed houses. Well we finally had the power turned back on this morning just in time for the Noreaster. Right now it is snowing pretty hard here in New Jersey.

With the power back on I thought I would get online and let everyone know that my family and I are doing okay and things are starting to get back to normal. Of course I was also really happy to see  President Obama win a second term! Things are looking up!

So of course I did not stop photographing during this time. I walked around and took pictures of some of the damage. I am not a documentary photographer in the traditional sense and I always feel funny when I shoot documentary photos. I am not really going to use the photos in any sort of documentary photo essay. There are many photographers who can do a vastly better job documenting this natural disaster. But I also feel I have to take these photos. Maybe they will gain some sort of value as times passes by and they become a remembrance of a time and a place and an event that was witnessed by me and my family. They may also become some sort of symbol in a future photographic series.


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