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© 2012 Dave Ortiz

Even after our power was restored early last week on Election Night I was still stuck at home due to the fact that there were no trains going into New York City from my town. It is hard to imagine the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. My family and I got off easy with only cosmetic damage to our house and loss of power and heat for 8 days. Lots of neighbors had trees fall on their homes. Our neighbor down the block had the unfortunate experience of having a tree fall and take down an overhead power line and pole and smash into their house(see photo above). Which is why our power was out for 8 days. PSE&G had to come and replace the pole and the wiring.

© 2012 Dave Ortiz

Yesterday I, and hundreds (not thousands, it was Veteran’s Day after all) trekked back to work. FEMA provided buses from our town’s train station to Liberty State Park where we could catch a Ferry to Battery Park in good ol’ NYC. It was very foggy and I started out early in the morning. Who knows how long it would take to get to my office (3 hours if you must know).  I wanted to travel light and so left behind my Nikon kit and laptop and just brought my little Panasonic GF1 and 40mm pancake lens. It would be a long bus ride and I thought I would occupy myself taking pictures out of the window of the bus. As all good photographers know, why read when you can take a picture!  It was challenging since the bus was remarkably speedy and it was dark outside. I did manage to take 2 photos which I thought would be great additions to my Personal Ecologies series of images. Yes, still in progress.

My favorite:

From the series, Personal Ecologies, ©2012 Dave Ortiz


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