What I Actually Did On My Thanksgiving Break


Of course on Thanksgiving Day I packed my wife and kids into our Honda and drove off to Maspeth, Queens to enjoy the day with my parents (and brothers, nephews, cousins, etc.) . We had a marvelous meal which we were all thankful for and some wonderfully silly conversations ranging from the Zombie Apocalypse to The Beatles. The next day we drove up to Hudson, New York to spend some time with our close friends from Miami who were in New York for Thanksgiving. Somehow I got roped into teaching Dev (close friend) how to use a Nikon D600 camera as well as teach him the basics of photography. It seems as a lawyer he has to develop his clientele which means giving rich guys anything they want. With this set of clients it meant photography and photography workshops, which I will be conducting in the Everglades apparently some time in February!

Dev’s son, Charlie joined our mini photo workshop on Friday. He was quite the photographer and seemed to pick it up  much faster than his Dad.

Of course we had to take a group shot.

My wife and kids are in here somewhere.

To my daughter’s great horror I used her and Madeline, Dev’s 12 year old daughter as models in my short practicum on portraiture.


The day wore on and eventually we had to hit the road back home.

The Road

My 2 kids had a swim meet on Saturday and Sunday. They had to be there at 6:55AM! Which meant my wife and I had to get up at 5:30AM! All this is to say that unlike the 2 adorable cats in my previous post, I got very little sleep.


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