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I am not really sure how I feel about the new portfolio review service, Eyeist, which I read about over at the A Photo Editor blog. Yes, I know everybody is a photographer now, but do all those thousands of people snapping away with their iPhones think they are creating art?  Are there so many “photographers” now that some people in the industry think they can make tons of money off of people seeking (artistic) validation?

I find this rather depressing somehow. I am comforted by the fact that I am a working photographer. I may not be making the most exciting images as a cultural heritage photographer but I do have some valid skills and I am paid for it. Hey, I even have 4 people under me. It makes my (very) low profile in the art world easier to tolerate and strengthens my vow never to pay for any sort of review of my work. I have to admit in all fairness that I did have to pay a review fee at Soho Photo, but it made it a little easier because I was asked to submit by some of the members.

Don’t get me wrong, for anyone starting out in photography getting some direct feedback is invaluable and Eyeist maybe a good route for some young aspiring photographers. But I would rather that you seek out an experienced photographer or photo editor (I was one for nine years too!) and ask their opinion. I for one would be willing to give any young photographer advice/feedback free of charge. What has happened to any sense of community?


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