One Thing Leads To Another

© 2012 Dave Ortiz

© 2012 Dave Ortiz

Until I make a book for a specific photo project I do not consider the project completed. Having a book makes the project complete and concrete. It becomes a specific object, with a specific set of images in a specific order. Until this happens a project can evolve and change directions and also get some needed depth. Take for example my series of images called Up, even though I have a set of images from this series on my website I have for the longest time been adding, deleting and rearranging the images on my computer hard drive. I keep thinking it is missing something.

One thing leads to another it seems, or at least I like to think so. I have already written a little on my, Navigation Without Numbers, project, where I am pairing my photos with illustrations from books. Well as I was looking through some of the images I have gathered for the series and thinking about how they would fit together I realized that this series would work better if I used images from old maps. I digitized a bunch for The New York Public Library and kept a few copies on a disc. What to do with the manuscript images I already have?  Okay, you know where this is leading, I decided to incorporate them into my Up series.

The series in my mind was always about more than just pointing my camera up. The images always had religious connotations. I also see now that they have this search for knowledge aspect to them too. So I am currently reworking the series and hope to have them up on my website early in the new year. I also plan on making a (blurb) book so I can finally set this series into a concrete container. Wish me luck!


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