Comfort In Landscape


A couple of days ago I received this message from a friend:

i am sorry to tell you – – – – –  died this morning, 1-21-2013, of complications from his cancer. He was not in pain and died peaceful. He told me how your friendships humbled him. thank you to everyone.

My wife took this news very hard, harder than I and it was difficult to comfort each other, a lump in my throat and a crack in her heart. Not being a religious family we had no institution to turn to in this moment of sorrow but we wanted to impress upon our children the loss that we felt and the need to remember our friend in some way. We decided to find a plant that would epitomize our friend’s character and personality. That night we ceremoniously repotted the plant and placed it in a central spot in our living room. A ritual was born.

The last couple of days riding into work I found it hard to read or listen to podcasts as is my usual routine. Instead I stared out of the train window looking at the landscape through the glare of the morning sun. My thoughts drifting with the view but always coming back to the realization that we are only passing through this Landscape; everything is temporary and malleable. The landscape is comforting. It connects me to now. I am here. I am. I started taking pictures.

The lump in my throat is still present. I will miss you my friend.


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