Hello, Photography


I have been involved (marginally) in a magazine relaunch back in 1995 and let me tell you it involves lots of hard work and hand wringing. So it was with great admiration that I learned of Aperture’s relaunch of their venerated publication to come in February 2013 (issue #210). The issue is titled Hello, Photography an obvious nod to Daido Moriyama’s pioneering work “Sashin Yo Sayonara” or as you probably know it, Bye Bye Photography (boy was he wrong!). From the Editor:

“In a time when photography is abundant on digital platforms, images in print––ink on paper––continue to offer a uniquely actual experience. We also believe that a magazine can engage photography’s changing narrative through thoughtful, accessible writing,” 

My sentiments exactly. The magazine (re)launches in February 26, 2013. I’ll be waiting by my mailbox!

On a different note, I see that someone has posted a meta-list of the favorite photo books of 2012. It’s amazing to see so many photo books being published. But the flip side is that everyone has their favorite and a consensus on truly great photo books is hard to come by. It’s also hard to purchase all of the photo books you would like to buy. Not to mention all of the Japanese photo books I would like to get but prohibited by the shipping cost from Japan!

Of the over 500 titles in the “Best of 2012” list I actually purchased only 6! Below is a portion of the list which contains all of my purchases ( I highlighted the books purchased).

1st Place (23 votes)

  • The Afronauts. CRISTINA DE MIDDEL Self Published

2nd Place (13 votes)

  • Elementary Calculus. J CARRIER Mack

3rd Place (12 votes)

  • The Present PAUL GRAHAM Mack

4th Place (11 votes)

  • Coexistence. STEPHEN GILL Nobody Books (Self Published)
  • Lebensmittel. MICHAEL SCHMIDT Snoeck
  • Lick Creek Line. RON JUDE Mack

5th Place (10 votes)

  • Looking for Love, 1996. ALEC SOTH Kominek Books

6th Place (9 votes)

  • Dive Dark Dream Slow. MELISSA CATANESE The Ice Plant
  • Down These Mean Streets. WILL STEACY B. Frank books
  • Heaven. PAUL KOOIKER Van Zoetendaal Gallery

7th Place (8 votes)

  • Another Language. MÅRTEN LANGE Mack
  • Jeddah Diary. OLIVIA ARTHUR Fishbar

8th Place (7 votes)

  • Circulation : Date, Place, Events. TAKUMA NAKAHIRA Osiris
  • City Diary. ANDERS PETERSEN Steidl/Swedish Books/GUN
  • Deutschland. GERRY JOHANSSON Mack
  • Uncle Charlie. MARC ASNIN Contrasto

9th Place (6 votes)

  • Found Photos in Detroit. ARIANNA ARCARA Censura Publishing
  • Here Far Away. PENTTI SAMMALLAHTI Dewi Lewis Publishing (Hier weit entfernt, Kehrer)
  • Out to Lunch. ARI MARCOPOULOS PPP Editions
  • Two Thousand Light Years from Home. PIETRO MATTIOLI Kodoji Press
  • Vanilla Partner. TORBJØRN RØDLAND Mack

10th Place (5 votes)

  • (based on a true story). DAVID ALAN HARVEY BurnBooks (Self Published)
  • A Natural Order. LUCAS FOGLIA Nazraeli Press
  • A New American Picture. DOUG RICKARD Aperture
  • Billy Monk: Night Club Photographs. BILLY MONK Dewi Lewis
  • Concresco. David Galjaard Self-published
  • In the Car With R. RAFAL MILACH Czytelnia Sztuki
  • Kiev. ROB HORNSTRA The Sochi Project
  • Life Size. SAM FALLS Karma
  • Los Alamos Revisited. WILLIAM EGGLESTON Steidl
  • Petrochemical America. RICHARD MISRACH & KATE ORFF Aperture
  • Photographs Not Taken. WILL STEACY Daylight
  • Scrapbook 1969-1985. WALTER PFEIFFER Patrick Frey
  • The Father of Pop Dance. TIANE DOAN NA CHAMPASSAK Self Published
  • Touch. PETER DEKENS Self Published
  • USSR 1991. KEIZO KITAJIMA Little Big Man Books

11th Place (4 votes)

  • A Girl and Her Room. RANIA MATAR Umbrage
  • A Retrospective. RINEKE DIJKSTRA Guggenheim Museum
  • House of Coates. BRAD ZELLAR & LESTER B. MORRISON Little Brown Mushroom
  • Kodachrome. LUIGI GHIRRI Mack (reprint)
  • Lange Liste 79 – 97. CHRISTIAN LANGE Spector Books
  • Life’s a Beach. MARTIN PARR Aperture
  • Lovesody. MOTOYUKI DAIFU Little Big Man Books
  • Margret:Chronik einer Affäre, Mai 1968. NICOLE DELMES Walther König
  • Mrs. Merryman’s Collection. ANNE SOPHIE MERRYMAN Mack
  • On the Mines. DAVID GOLDBLATT Steidl (reprint)
  • Pictures and Words. JUERGEN TELLER Steidl
  • Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin. ROBERT KNOTH & ANTOINETTE DE JONG Hatje Cantz
  • Project Prints. LUIGI GHIRRI JRP Ringier
  • Sailboats and swans. MICHAL CHELBIN Twin Palms
  • Strip-O-Gram. SEBASTIEN GIRARD Self Published
  • Sunburn. CHRIS MCCAW Candela Books
  • The Americans List. JASON ESKENAZI Red Hook Editions (Self Published)
  • The Netherlands. HANS VAN DER MEER YdocPublishing

I like to think that I have discerning taste!


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