Blast From The Past: For Neil Tyson


Way back in the day, I used to be a freelance photographer and working for Natural History magazine I used to travel around the U.S. and shoot stories for them as well as being an Assistant Photo Editor. Some of the photographs I took wound up with my stock photography agent, Bruce Coleman, Inc. With the rise of the likes of Getty Images most independent stock agencies closed shop. Mine was no different and sometime in the mid-2000’s I was informed that Bruce Coleman, Inc. was bought by another conglomerate and that I had the option of signing up with the new agency. I declined. I saw which way the wind was blowing in terms of stock photography and stepped off this particular platform for good. After all these years I was finally able to collect all of my images from the new agency. I did a brief perusal and boy does it bring back memories! Carefree and footloose.

I’ll put some of my favorite  images in later posts with little recollections and stories of adventure! But the first image that got my attention was an image of the Rose Center for Earth and Space at The American Museum of Natural History. I had the privilege of working with Neil Tyson as a photo editor at the magazine where he wrote a monthly column.  And I am a very big fan of his Star Talk Radio podcast. I also think he is a great example of someone from humble beginnings growing up in the inner city  (I know what that is like) becoming very successful in an intellectual field of endeavor!  He is the first director of the Rose Center and I was at the Museum while they were building it. It was a great time to be an employee and as a member of the magazine staff I got to go behind the scenes! Very cool indeed. Every night on my way home to my place on 94th Street (those were the days when I could walk home from work!) I would see the building coming into reality bit by bit. One night just before (or after I forget) the opening of the Rose Center I decided to take some photos. They ended up along with hundreds of other photographs at my stock agent.

The image above is a slightly cropped version of the slide and transformed into one of my Imaginary Polaroids. I know, I know, I can’t leave well enough alone! Enjoy!


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