Lunch Time Photo And A Little Bit Of History


Just like many work a day photographers, I do a lot of my personal shooting during lunch and after work. Many of the photos are worthless and are more like exercise but sometimes one or two good ones get made. I thought I would create a new feature on this blog called Lunch Time Photo and post one or two of these images during the week.

On another note, I have been seeing on Twitter that there has been found recently (a few months ago anyway) the very earliest color moving film. The films were made by a young inventor named Edward Turner who unfortunately passed away before he could really advance his color process. A nice article in The Guardian newspaper give a good summary of this discovery.

A videos from the National Media Museum:


And just for fun here is some footage of some early test for Kodachrome film circa 1922. This is 21 years after the film above.



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