Things Romantic


© 2013 Dave Ortiz

This morning I swung with Frank Sinatra and had some Frim Fram Sauce with Diana Krall. Man, if she doesn’t have the sexiest voice in Jazz, Wow. Love, sex, heartbreak, seems appropriate for a day such as this. Ahh, the myths and pressures of love. It’s all in your head.

© 2013 dave Ortiz

© 2013 dave Ortiz

Love this sweater I got from my “querida” this morning. I told you some people celebrate first thing. My daughter had to reassure me that I looked manly. But I do like it especially the fit and I guess I do need a bit more color in my wardrobe.


Finally, my good friends, The Naked Heroes, offered up a Valentine’s Day song that I would like to share. They keep getting better and better. Vamp it up Merica!


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