15 Minutes

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz

Looks like Andy Warhol was right. What he called the future is now the present:

In the future everybody will be world-famous for fifteen minutes 

This was long before the internet and the various electronic based options for self promotion and publishing was ever a thought up in some mad scientists mind. Apparently a few weeks ago it was my barber’s turn to be famous.

This afternoon I scooted out of work to get my haircut by my long time barber and friend Valentino, As I walked in he was comfortably sprawled on his barber chair checking out his iPhone in the underground hairstyling mecca known as Astor Place Haircutters. As usual he brightens and a big smile spreads across his face when he sees me; and believe me, I am not special, this is the way he reacts to everyone. That bright smile and his chatty nature is what got him a long and loyal following. Some of his customers have been coming to him for twenty or even thirty years. I calculated and realized I have been seeing Valentino for approximately 21 years. Ever since I was in my mid-twenties. But other than that, Valentino comes across as a very simple (but very intelligent) modest older gentleman in superb contrast to his fellow haircutters.

You see me profile, Dave?

Hmm…, what?

I profile, New York Times.

Get out!

Yes, I show you.

That was the beginning of a twenty five minute conversation we had while he cut my hair. I don’t have to tell him what to do. He just knows.

“Who that artist fellow, Warhol, 15 minutes, yes he was right”. Valentino also tells me he received 153 e-mails, calls and whatever you do on Facebook to like someone. “From all over” he says, his eyes twinkling and shining.

As I give him his usual tip which he takes graciously  and doesn’t even look at. He just pats me on the back and says, as he usually says on my way out, “Take lollipops for the kids.”

See you in a few weeks Valentino!

Oh, the New York Times profile is here:


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