Saturday Snow

So my weekend began with a birthday party for my next door neighbor’s wife (who is also my next door neighbor). They are grandparents and she is turning 48 – my age! Although, they did have a child while still teenagers. Some comfort. I only became a dad at 34 years of age. My wife and I had a great time at the birthday bash. Lots of old funk music and Daddy Yankee!

© 2013 Dave Ortiz

© 2013 Dave Ortiz

Saturday I trek into the city to try to catch William Klein at the Howard Greenberg gallery. It was a bust. When I arrived, the gallery announced that Mr. Klein had been delayed photographing the Parade (St. Patrick’s Day) and should make it  by 5PM. That was a 2 hour wait. Sorry Mr. Klein I had better things to do. But before I got to Howard Greenberg I did a little gallery hopping. My impressions:

Wan Wusheng: Celestial Realm at Barry Friedman LTD. – Some images should not be blown up to large proportions and these definitely are in that camp. Beautiful light and scenery but not enough resolution to make them attractive.

Bill Armstong: Film Noir at Clampart: Armstrong continues his “Infinity” series with his signature lush, saturated color photographs. This time he investigates the motifs of 40’s and 50’s black and white noir films. Not to be missed! By the way, Mr Armstrong and William Hunt the Curator have a talk at Aperture Gallery this evening at 6:30. I’ll be there.

© Bill Armstrong, All Rights Reserved

© Bill Armstrong, All Rights Reserved

Kenneth Josephson at Gitterman Gallery: The inaugural exhibition for Mr Gitterman’s new space on 57th Street. Some choice examples of this iconic photographer’s work. Some well known images and some lesser known (at least by me) landscapes. All are worth seeing… again.

© Penti Sammallahti

© Penti Sammallahti

Penti Sammallahti: Here Far Away at Nailya Alexander Gallery: I am a big fan of this lyrical photographer’s work. Beautiful black and white images of landscape, animals (very humorous at times) and people. His work is always worth viewing. I was surprised to see that the gallery had copies of the book, “Here Far Away” in stock. You can’t get it anywhere and when you do find it is $300 and up. I approached Ms. Alexander and inquired about purchasing the book. She looked at me and said in a rather hushed and almost sorrowful voice, “It’s very expensive.” I felt like the young and scruffy drummer for Led Zeppelin, the late John Bonham when he inquired about purchasing a car from a dealer. Like me, he was looked up and down and told, “They are very expensive.” As if! He replied, “I’ll take that one,” and proceeded to plunk down full payment in cash. Ms. Alexander’s attitude changed when I retorted, “You let me worry about that” at which point she showed me that and other books. Let me not lead you astray, Ms. Alexander is a very nice person in fact, quiet and mild mannered. I had purchased books from her gallery prior to this incident but I guess she did not remember my face.

It snowed on Saturday throughout the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Not that I was attending the parade. I’ll cheer them on when I see an Irishman at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in June! Actually, come to think of it,  there are a fair number of Irish/Puerto Rican marriages. My brother’s ex-wife was half Irish and half Puerto Rican. Makes for great parties!

©2013 Dave Ortiz, Snow on Saturday

©2013 Dave Ortiz, Snow on Saturday





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