Street Photography in April

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz

Spring time, when the flowers bloom, and the people pop out of their winter hideaways. It is also the time street photographers really become active. In a bit of good timing Soho Photo will devote the entire gallery, in April, to an exhibition of Street Photography. Lots of great images from well known as well as  lesser known practitioners. You can see the press release here.

I would have submitted images for this show but somehow I missed the call for images. Yup, the face on the side of the building reflects my reaction to this situation. Doh!!!

I have actually drifted a little away from street photography lately and have been creating more landscape type images. But with the coming of warmer weather I look forward to getting back to shooting for my Navigation Without Numbers series.

From the series, Navigation Without Numbers, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

From the series, Navigation Without Numbers, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

I am getting ready for a weeklong conference in Washington DC next week. It’s a gathering of photographers and other professionals in the cultural heritage imaging field. I hope to learn something and hob nob with colleagues form across the country. I might even get a chance to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. I’ll try to post once or twice but if not I’ll see you in Mid-April when the weather is a bit nicer.


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