10 X 10 American Photobooks – Go Help!

10×10 is going to Tokyo in 2013!

10×10 is taking 100 contemporary American photobooks to Tokyo this year and we need to create a catalogue. We’re looking for backers to help fund the publication production – an experimental and creative project in its own right.

What’s 10×10 American Photobooks? 

Ten specialists from the photobook community are each selecting 10 contemporary American photobooks they consider to be influential. These 100 books will be displayed in the 10×10 American Photobooks exhibit at the Tokyo Institute of Photography for a 4-week run in September 2013. The 10×10 project makes photobooks accessible to the international bibliographic community and builds upon the success of the first 10×10 event, which exhibited Japanese post-war photobooks in NYC in 2012.

This group did something similar last year but with post-war Japanese photobooks. I thought it was great. This year they need your help to fund a catalog to go along with the event in Tokyo. Personally, I would rather go to Tokyo, but if like me you can’t make it, then the catalog is the next best thing. Please go help – HERE



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