Defined Space

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz

I like to define a space  geographically when I am shooting in the streets of New York City, which is not necessarily the same thing as “street photography”.  I did this with my series 42, and Imaginary Polaroids (which started out as a series called Broadway). By having a set space to work within I find it allows me to go in deeper in search of meaningful images. It is sort of like the concept of space/time. The faster you move through space the less you  move through time and the less you move through space the more you are moving through the dimension of time. I always thought that had some implication for contemplative photography. Something I’ll have to explore later. So by restricting my movements through space I can then move through some other dimension of image making or even seeing.

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz

With the coming of Spring  comes the thawing of my winter spirits and I am looking for any excuse to go outside with my camera and so I have defined a new geographic map to shoot within and thus a new photo series, Times Square. I have also been reading Daido Moriyama by Simon Baker and I also ordered a copy of Shinjuku, a book by Moriyama on the Tokyo equivalent of Times Square. I have been taken all over again by Moriyama’s sense of the street and his conception of “City”. The city is gruff, sensual,rough and sexy. It is mainly defined by the people in it and how they move through the city. I have also read that at 74 Moriyama mainly shoots with a digital camera and in color. Not that I want to mimick Moriyama but I have come to the notion that at the culmination of his legendary life and career Moriyama has found digital color to be an extremely viable photographic option. I would like to begin (continue) where one giant will  be leaving off.

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz


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