Who Ordered That?

Here and Now, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

Here and Now, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

I know Street Photography has had a bit of a resurgence lately, especially after the discovery of Vivian Maier’s work a year or so ago. But in this day and age where everyone has a cell phone camera and constantly keeps photographing food and friends, I can’t seem to really get into photographing in the HCB mode. It seems too trite to me now and also very reactionary. So my Times Square series is being folded into the Navigation Without Numbers series as I previously stated.

There is much of existence that is beyond our current understanding and it keeps getting more and more mysterious. The discovery of the Higgs Boson last year may have been a verification of The Standard Model of particle physics but it also may have been a new pathway to some deeper mysteries of existence. Even the Standard Model may soon come into question. There are so many particles that we just don’t really understand why they exist. It seems all of the atoms in the Universe can be created from a combination of an Up and a Down quark and an electron (the most well known lepton). So then what are all of the other particles about? As Nobel Prize winning physicist I.I. Rabi quipped when he learned of the existence of the muon (another type of lepton); Who ordered that?

What I want to explore in image making now is how to represent this mysteriousness of the universe photographically. For example I am creating some images that deal with the concept of time being an integral part of space. It is tentatively titled Here(now), There(when). The present is sharp and realized, the past or the future is hazy, lighter (future) or darker (past). These are just ideas I am working out as I shoot. I find that creating images with a sort of philosophical structure underlying it helps me move forward towards completion of a project and not (like Street Photography) just constantly shooting images. It’s shooting just for the sake of shooting and I think we should have evolved past this practiceaier once the great Gary Winogrand left us.


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