The Artist and The Present

From the series, Navigation Without Numbers, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

From the series, Navigation Without Numbers, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

When I start working on an idea and I am looking to turn that idea into images everything I see, hear or experience is evaluated in terms of the “project”. I can’t help it. I wonder if that is the way other artist work. Just now I was watching the PBS Newshour and their coverage of the democrats victory in Texas over the republicans trying to pass yet another highly restrictive abortion law. Yes, I know the terms Democrat and Republicans needs to be capitalized but this is just showing just a little bit of disdain for career politicians (as opposed to people who enter the political arena with a true desire to serve the people).

As I am writing these words my son is listening and watching latin music videos. I really like them. I have not listened to latin music since the days of Radio WADO back in the New York 70’s. I am becoming a Big Daddy Yankee Fan! His song Gasolina was a hit when my wife and I were on our Honeymoon in Puerto Rico back in 1995! He is still going strong. I especially like the video for his song “Limbo”, I never saw latina heinies move so fast!

Anyway what I am getting at is the fact that these days everyone has such rigid beliefs about the world. I am pretty sure I have some misconceptions about white middle americans but I always try to realize the point that the world is never what you think it is! You have such little information. I mean compared to the truth that exists out there. How do you know what is true and real? How do you know your place in the universe?You probably don’t have a place. Maybe you are meant to float freely through this tiny sliver of existence and like one of those momentary particles in the Large Hadron Collider you exist until you don’t!

But still people can make your existence miserable even if you are aware for only a very short time. It should at least be as pleasant as you can make it. So even though there really is no purpose to life (in my opinion) you can still fight the good fight for whatever silly cause you care to take up. A message that is simultaneously full of hope and despair. That’s life. Get used to it!


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