If One Has No Followers…

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 12.08.02 PM

So Alec Soth has an interesting post about the perils of photography as described by Italo Calvino. It is part of a series of posts he is doing where he highlights a piece of culture he has consumed or experienced. The post ends with mention of his Instagram practice and how it (like most others) devolved to the point where he posts a picture of his cat. Which got me to thinking about my Instagram feed and how no one is following me. Not that that in necessarily a bad thing. Whether or not anyone sees my Instagram posts I will still post pictures as the mood strikes. They are my little visual haikus. But I wonder if a picture is posted in Instagram and no one sees it does it make an impact? Of course the answer is no. It does not make an impact. Images are meant to be seen  just like a haiku is meant to be read.

Here is what you have been missing – some of the latest images posted over the long Holiday weekend:






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