Off To Play

from the series, Times Square, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

from the series, Times Square, ©2013 Dave Ortiz

I did not want to end the week on such a solemn note. People who know me know that I never taken anything that seriously. Society moves on and then repeats the same mistakes and think that we have made progress. I was really heartened by Obamas comments on the case today, though. This country is still deeply racist and class divided and  this oppressive culture it seems even engulfs President Obama. For people of color  in this country your are first and foremost the color of your skin.

Since it is summer I will be taking several weeks off here and there in the month of August so blogging will be lighter than usual. But I might review a show here or there or if something strikes me, I’ll pull out my laptop. There is the ICP Triennial that is on my list of shows to see. I don’t think any of the pieces will strike me aesthetically. It will be more of a learning experience seeing where these 3 curators see the current state of photography. Once I learn that I’ll go off and do something different. Current photography has too strong a whiff of academia and isolation. I want to tell young photographers to go out into the world and discover that is the power of photography for the practitioner!  I’ll take the time off to spend with my wife and kids and figure out exactly where I am in my photography.

In the mean time go out and have fun!

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