Discovery In A Minor Mode


As any reader of this blog should already know, I am a huge admirer of the work of Minor White. I have seen a lot of the black and white prints that circulate in Museums and Galleries and aside from his massive color slide output I though I pretty much saw all there was to see. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Steven Kasher Gallery yesterday (on impulse mainly I must admit) and saw the above image by Minor White. I admired it for a good 15 minutes. Which was long enough for the gallery assistant to ask if I was alright! Thrilled I replied.

Not on vacation yet so I thought I would let everyone know that I have just updated my website. There is a new portfolio, Personal Ecologies. If you didn’t see it in the gallery show in June, you can now see all 16 images online plus another 18 images which were not hung in the gallery. I also tweaked a couple of the other portfolios. Just tightened them up a bit.

I hope you enjoy!



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