Too Beautiful…?

There was one thing that perplexed me during my recent portfolio review. I was told that my pictures were too beautiful and well composed. Well, that threw me for a loop as they say. How can something be too beautiful? Now I realize that contemporary art in general values ideas over aesthetics, which is why museums and galleries are filled with projects dealing with gender or identity politics and such. It’s a reflection of what is happening in society. Okay, true but, Do I necessarily have to participate?  No not at all, but then you run the risk, actually it is more of a given, that you will be ignored by the art world.

I am wrestling with this issue of the role of beauty in photography. Can a picture be beautiful and relevant? Lots of reading to do on the subject but meanwhile I’ll still continue to make images that please me and that I will hang on my walls. I don’t see Damien Hirst hanging his pieces in his living room. Oh, so I guess part of this is that as an “art world” artist you are making art for others first. I make art for myself and hope that others find it of some sort of value. But in order to make an truly great art you need to be responding to some inner voice and not responding to the whims of the money crowd. Maybe.

Reading and experimenting because in reality that is all I can do. Let the chips (and photographs) fall where they may.

©2013 Dave Ortiz from the series in inceptio, Ruins Of Representation,

©2013 Dave Ortiz from the series in inceptio, Ruins Of Representation,


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