Lesson Learned Again and Again

Sunday was a gloomy, overcast day in New Jersey. There was a swim meet that my 9 year old was participating in at a nearby Rec Center in which I was expected to attend and cheer! Woo Hoo! Usually the time when I am expected to bring a camera and take photos is exactly the time I am least interested in picking up a camera. Go figure. Instead of bringing my heavy DSLR kit I chose to just grab my little Lumix camera which usually has a 20mm lens and a longer zoom to catch my little guy flying through the water. The first event is called and Isaac, my 9 year old rushes up to the starting block, the beep sounds and off he dives into the chlorinated soup of the pool. He comes in 2nd. Pretty good. Now we sit and wait for the next event.  As any parent knows the wait between events in which your kid is participating in is excruciatingly long, especially on Sundays in which you needed to be up by 6:00AM in order to get to the meet on time. I decide to take a walk and I was going to leave my camera behind with the rest of the crew I was with but at the last moment decided to grab the little Lumix and the small 20mm lens just to have something to hold as I walked around the swampy mess of nature and industry that is the Meadowlands. Walking past a new housing development fronted by some swamp grass I see a small path and clearing which leads to this scene:

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz

Lesson learned. Always have your camera with you.

The next day is Monday and tired from the previous day’s events (I also raked and removed a ton of leaves from my backyard as well as cleared the vegetable garden) I decided to pack light for work, just a book to read, my phone and lunch in my trusty backpack. Oh and my little Lumix which I am just cognizant of as I put my lunch in my bag but I don’t plan on shooting. Of course you know what comes next. Stepping out of the subway and walking on to the campus of the University that employs me. I see this:

© 2013 Dave Ortiz

© 2013 Dave Ortiz

Wow. Lesson learned – again. I put the camera away and then see this:

©2013 Dave Ortiz

©2013 Dave Ortiz

Again lesson learned and this time hopefully, remembered! As William Faulkner wrote; ” You must always know the past, for there is no real Was, there is only Is.”


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