Words Of Wisdom


David Alan Harvey is a well known National Geographic photographer and he has a blog called Burn which is worth checking out. Below is his advice to a young photographer:

ok i took a look…it is good that you have gone back to your birthplace to shoot….for sure a sentimental journey….

what is lacking here is any sense of how you FEEL about HongKong…i get the sense of the place in these shots of course…unfortunately that is all i get…also your edit here needs to be tightened considerably…..you have 43 pictures in this edit, and i would take it down to less than 10 right away…maybe even to 5…..

you appear to sort of be roaming around….and not locking on anything in particular…we need to see that one super killer picture…the one that rocks us…..you do not have that picture here…..

what has happened here , happens to many photographers….you seem to have gotten caught up with HongKong the place but you have not gotten caught up with it in a visual or emotional way….

if you are still there, or are going back with any great intent to show us something very special about HongKong, stop walking around so much…you are looking for pictures…wandering aimlessly using up all your energy….and it is all about energy….stay in one place until you have really really nailed it….let the pictures come to you..be a part of a scene so that you can be really in the scene…

make us feel and taste and smell HongKong Richard…not just SEE what it looks like….we all know what HongKong looks like…give us a Richard Man vision ..just as Susan says in her interview….

This advice hit home with me as I struggle to decide whether or not to restart shooting my Times Square project. I was getting frustrated because I felt I was not getting close enough to the subject. I was not showing how I felt about the area or any special insight as a Native New Yorker. The advice was inspiring and maybe I will give it another big GO!


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