ADS, from the series, Markings, ©2014 Dave Ortiz

ADS, from the series, Markings, ©2014 Dave Ortiz

What I find intriguing about photographing these scarred trees is the element of time. In the photo from the last post and in the one above there is a year carved in as part of the message. The tree above has 96 carved into it along with “Ian and Mary”. So 18 years have past since the sweet defilement of the tree by Ian and or Mary. Fitz has been imprinted on to the trunk since 1977; 37 years! Where are these sweethearts and defilers now. I don’t know. All I know is that the monument to their infatuation endured on the skin of nature.

In this tumblr age of digital files and monitor presentations, I have (or will) go against the grain and create (or try to create) beautiful prints on some Japanese handmade washi paper I recently found. Still in the testing stage but I am hoping to create a beautiful match between image and substrate. No the paper is not some secret find, discovered after traipsing the world in search of just the right paper. It is sold and distributed by Freestyle Photographics and it is called Awagami.

Can’t wait to go back on the trail!


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