Imaginary Polaroids Redux

©2014 Dave Ortiz

©2014 Dave Ortiz

The last two weeks or so of August I take as a respite from my day to day job. This year I decided to stay home and concentrate on organizing my projects and putting them into some sort of concrete form. After the last post, I started thinking about the idea of Imaginary Polaroids. I like the idea of presenting work as a polaroid because the fact of photography smacks you in the face. It’s a depiction of some personal reality I manipulated in order to make an interesting 2 dimensional object. You look at the picture as a picture and not as the real world. Free of this burden you start to look for the idea behind the picture which is the ultimate goal after all.

Here are 2 possible images from the “Private Compass” series. I will see how this format would work with my “Metaphysical City” series. Formerly called “Another City”. Stay tuned.

©2014 Dave Ortiz

©2014 Dave Ortiz


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