Be The Change

©2014 Dave Ortiz

©2014 Dave Ortiz

I was volunteered by my wife to help out in today’s “Family Fun Day” at St. Mary’s in Elizabeth, NJ. It’s a picnic for local homeless families and individuals. The event is hosted annually by an organization called, Be The Change. You can read all about the great things they do here. I got to know the head of the organization, Dr. Norma Bowe, after photographing her for cover of her book.

I have to admit I went to the event a little unwillingly because my wife keeps volunteering my talents for all sorts of things and of course everyone wants the work done for free. But once I got there and started talking to the people things started to change. At first the families were a little hesistant but a little personality and humility goes a long way with most people. They started warming up and a few families and some single men and woman posed for their picture. Two hours in and I was joking and making conversation with many of them and after the first batch of pictures came back from the developers and people saw the photos they lined up! For the last 2 hours I was super busy and to my surprise amazingly happy. I had the time of my life.

I am back home now after a long, wonderful day. I’m a little tired but immensely fulfilled. To Dr. Norma Bowe and all the wonderful families and guys and gals; thank you.

Dave Ortiz for Be The Change, ©2014

Dave Ortiz for Be The Change, ©2014

Dave Ortiz for Be The Change, ©2014

Dave Ortiz for Be The Change, ©2014



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