Time Found

©2014 Dave Ortiz

©2014 Dave Ortiz

What is it that is hanging above this writing? Ask different people and you get a myriad of answers. A rose some would say. A white rose  would say others. A picture of a white rose. A polaroid photo of a white rose. A scan of a polaroid photo of a white rose. A monitor displaying a scan of a polaroid of a white rose.


Einstein postulated that space and time are a single physical phenomenon and in his famous equation that mass is equivalent to energy. Mass bends and warps the fabric of space/time and we experience it as gravity. Gravity can bend light much the same way that I bend gently the polaroid as I pick it up and hold it to the light of a bare bulb to see the past. The forgotten film found in a box in a basement.

What is hanging above this writing is time trapped in matter. A depiction of an object that no longer exists. An object that was in the gravitational pull of my camera and lens and it’s reflected light trapped by the film matter in the camera. An ephemeral beauty saved from absolute absence.

Fossilized energy like a bee trapped in amber.

Time suspended.





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