So Downhearted


As most of you know I am a great fan of Music, all types of Music. It is with great sadness that I read of B.B. King’s passing away last night. As with so many other people, King was my entry into Blues music, especially his “Live At The Regal” disc. I see that many musician’s and celebrities offered their respects to Mr. King, with the most heartfelt being Eric Clapton’s video post on his FaceBook page. Makes me want to take out my guitar and play in tribute.


I initially found out about B.B. King’s passing via an e-mail from a photographer friend of mine. He very nicely linked guitar playing and taking photographs. Here in full is the text of the e-mail. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Upon reflection on the death of BB King, and certainly evidenced in this video, is his ease,
that sense of rightness with his instrument, rightness in his voice and the rightness of the
form of his music, the lyrics, the blues.

B.B. King In Concert - San Rafael, CA

What has been learned from him, is to be at ease with the right camera, to be at ease with
the right lens, to be at ease with the right f stop, to be at ease with the right shutter
speed,to be at ease waiting for the right light, to be at ease, by simply being and resting
in no effort, and then everything else that follows, simply plays out as it will.



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