In The Bag Part 2


I recently introduced a concept I call bagism (forgive me John Lennon). The idea was that a sliver of time; a day, a week, a year, can be viewed as a shop of moments. As a photographer you can pick and choose the moments you want and put them in your bag (aka your camera). I also use this technique when I am trying to figure out what I’m doing or what my next step should be in photography. I am always questioning what I am doing. Why do I take a picture? What effect does it have on me or on somebody else or the world? Should I take the picture? Should I let it float off into the ether of time?

At times like these I just walk and shoot and see what happens. I know I have a metaphysical bent to my photography and view of the world and that usually comes out right away. But the hard part is figuring out what else it is? What else is there? Do I continue doing the same thing or should I try something different? But what? Walking and shooting helps me sort out these questions. This afternoon while walking and shooting I got the uneasy feeling that I should be doing something more socially relevant. Is my metaphysical bent just a way of escaping doing something real?


I have been reading a lot lately on the role of hispanics in America and I always wanted to do something on the topic. As an American whose parents were born in Puerto Rico and migrated to the mainland back in the 1950’s I think it is important for me to do some sort of project. An essay on the diaspora of Puerto Rican across the U.S.? Or maybe just portraits of a range of fellow Puerto Ricans. Familiarity breeds acceptance.

Nothing like starting out close to home. Below is my daughter going to her Junior Prom. Looks a lot like any couple going to their prom in Anywhere, USA.


©2015 Dave Ortiz


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