Isaac picking Blueberries, Hillview Farms, NJ. ©2016 Dave Ortiz

I have been away for several months. Call it boredom or call it midlife crisis, but in the end it was all in the calling of doing something new. I did not photograph for a time (except professionally; you’ve got to feed the kiddies), wrote a little and then started a new blog called Fugacity (which means a state of impermanence). I thought I would write about Puerto Rican and U.S. issues but found more and more that I was writing about photography and then I started photographing again as an avocation.

At this point I thought it best to come back here to write about photography and reserve Fugacity for non photography musings. I do not know how to transfer posts from one blog to another (is that even possible?) so I will list a few links to some photography related posts I wrote on Fugacity. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll soon write up my impressions of the newest Impossible films for my Polaroid Spectra. Have you seen their new Impossible I camera?







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