Another Language


©2016 Dave Ortiz

Photography begins where language ends. Just like music. Just like Jazz. Done in a certain way with a certain, relaxed concentration, photographs can reveal your personal truths on a 2 dimensional plane. I went photographing during my lunch hour as I usually do but this time I had no agenda. I did not have a particular type of image in mind. I was experimenting with my Fujifilm X E-2 (love that camera) and shooting with a B&W profile in square mode. Very reminiscent of my days shooting with a Hasselblad and Mamiya 6MF square format cameras (those are film cameras for you young folk). I walked around with my mind empty and receptive, open to the images in my path. At a time when Trump and Hillary, Democratic and Republican Conventions, Black Lives exploited, Brown Lives deported, Blue Lives facing retaliation, I captured these images:


©2016 Dave Ortiz


©2016 Dave Ortiz


©2016 Dave Ortiz


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