Eating Sushi with a view of Pike’s Place Market and moire

I have been away in Seattle for a family event. My wife’s nephew (nephew in law?) got married and we were invited to witness the ceremony. Here is the thing, I was there at the birth of my nephew. I have pictures of his bris! I felt old. But time passes and that is cool. Like everyone at times like these I remind myself that I must take and enjoy life one moment at a times as it comes. I want to hold life in my hands like an ice cube and not let it be like water, running through my hands with no control on my part.


I was 25 when he was born!

It rained 80% of the time we were there but we still got to do some things like visit Pike’s Place Market. We got some terrific fruit jams and wine.


Isaac in front of Robert Wadlow, the world tallest man to have ever lived. Didn’t get to see his shoe!

Isaac got to compare himself with the world’s tallest man in recorded history.


We loved Pioneer Square. It was a little like The Village in NYC.


There was a terrific shop that sold masks and funny souvenir items.


Leaving Seattle


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