Penance In Pictures


The morning after

There is something peculiar about the human psyche. We tend to make the political personal. We punish ourselves for the faults of our leadership. I personally feel like I need to make penance for the triumph of Trump. I was so confident regarding the Latino turnout that when Florida fell to Trump I felt personally responsible (and a little betrayed – 29% of Latinos voted for Trump).

Unfortunately I could not find my hair shirt this morning nor an appropriate strip of leather with which to flagellate myself. As penance then I am going to keep a daily diary, in words and pictures of the next four years. My soul feels beat up. By the way, the caption for the picture below is in keeping with the theme of my last post.


Equivalence 1 – Soul

After George Bush got elected the US and the World certainly took a turn for the worse (Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, The Economic Crash). We survived. I have a feeling the same thing will happen again. The weakening of NATO, Vladimir Putin running amok, Trade wars with China, Obamacare gone, A very Conservative Court, the shredding of the social safety net. Hmm, this may be worse than I realized.

But through it all I hope we realize that we are all more alike than different. Yeah, I know that is a cliche but it’s true.




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