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Many people think lunch hour at work is when you grab a sandwich and find a comfortable place to sit and relax (hopefully out of the office) and eat. That is not what I do. I usually eat at my desk while I work. Granted I have an office with a door, which makes this a little easier. Still at my “lunch hour” I grab my camera and go out and shoot. I also work in New York, which makes doing this a lot more fun and interesting. After an  hour of shooting I come back with a bunch of exposures and if I am really lucky, an image worthy of putting in one of my portfolios in progress. Most times I come back with images which are fun and interesting but not quite sure they make the grade for a portfolio. So from time to time I’ll be posting these as lunchtime snapshots.


New Yorkers love their dogs but would rather outsource the walking.

These were all taken today during my lunch hour. It was a beautiful day with lots of activity.


Vinyl – What’s old is cool again.


Broadway and 114th Street


State of the Union in 2016


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