Odds And Sods 2016

The end is nigh!

At least for 2016.

I am not going to sum up the year (as if). You can find that in so many other sites listing all the orange abominations, protests, hypocrisies, and scientific achievements of the past 365 days. I tend not to get excited at this time of year, these celebrations of arbitrary and idiosyncratic spans of time (case in point) leave me feeling empty. There is no difference between December 31, and January 1, except for the length of time travelled. Except that I get the day off.

Looking forward to 2 exhibitions I missed this month but will be hanging until mid January. The first is Michael Kenna at Robert Mann Gallery. The second is Tori, an exhibition of photographs by Masao Yamamoto. Both of these photographers are great in a very quiet poetic way. Small, quiet, contemplative images that will keep my spirit balanced at the beginning of what is sure to be a spiritually challenging year.


Yes, I am a little apprehensive at what the new year will bring to us folk here in America. The group coming into power stand for everything I hate and abhor. These next 4 years will be like walking through a cold, dark, icy tunnel with a view of cold sunshine way off in the distance.


Three King’s Day Parade 2016, ©2016 Dave Ortiz


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