What Siddhārtha Understood

Siddhārtha Gautama, or as most know him, Buddha, understood that attaining perfection was not achieved by separating yourself from earthly matters. In a sense, it was being within and inside the everyday  that one can come to achieve enlightenment. Siddhārtha Gautama, just like many Bhuddist monks had a bowl that he would use to beg for food every day; always humble while attaining perfection. Every living being and thing are connected through time and through the Universe.

Glimpses of enlightened thoughts occasionally pop up from my favorite scientists and artists. Carl Sagan’s, “to make a pie, one must first create the Universe”, is one of my favorites. Minor White’s diary quote from Stieglitz, “…have you ever been in love? Then you can photograph”, propels me forward in my photography.

This brings me to my image from my last post. As I was riding the subway the other day I realized that the underground environment was the counterpoint to that zen like picture of the sky and trees. And so I made an image:


©2017 Dave Ortiz, from the series, The Grammar Of Existence.


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