Half Blind


©2017 Dave Ortiz

It is the function of an artist to reflect back society to itself, whether it is the mood, the politics, the morals, or the struggles. The artists also puts a whole lot of himself into that picture or musical piece. Some artists can do this consciously. They will have a feeling about the world that they want to express in some artistic way or there is an event that they want to respond to or commemorate.


©2017 Dave Ortiz

Another way is via the subconscious. This is the way I tend to work. Ever since the brutal 2016 campaign and subsequent administration of Trump, I have started to respond to the visual world in a new way (evolved might be a better word). The images seems to be responses to the bans, roadblocks, secrets, and brutality that have that have been making headlines lately. I did not consciously set out to make these images. They just seem to be the proper way to respond to the world artistically at this point in time. It is a feeling of not being able to see everything, not being able to get all of the vital information in order to make my way in the world. I am walking  half blind.


©2017 Dave Ortiz




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