Change Your Camera


©2017 Dave Ortiz from, West End Avenue

If you want to change your photographs, you need to change cameras. Changing cameras means that your photographs will change. A really good camera has something I suppose you might describe as its own distinctive aura.

— Nobuyoshi Araki

I must say that I agree with this statement by Araki more and more. While it is true you can use any camera to make any kind of photograph, be it landscape, studio or street snapshot (you should have seen me trying to do street photography with a Hasselblad and then a Rolleiflex back in the early 90’s). There are cameras that really do lend themselves to a particular genre – think of Leica. There are some cameras that fit in your hands just right, has the right amount of weight around your neck and is a breeze to operate, making the shooting process almost intuitive. I am sure every long time photographer has had one or more of these babies. Currently, for me, it is the Fuji X – E2.

While I do own the X -Pro2 and a Nikon D810 (along with a variety of antiquated film cameras) it is my old X-E2 that I always grab when I want to take snapshots during lunch or I set out without any preconceived ideas and want to be ready for anything. Amazingly the 14MP camera with the 40mm equivalent lens is perfect.

The camera even led me to my next project (running concurrently with a bunch of others). I usually take long walks during lunch and my favorite street to walk down is West End Avenue. It almost pops up out of nowhere. One minute you are walking down Broadway, the next minute if you are not paying attention you are on West End Avenue. You keep walking on this mainly residential street with all sorts of interesting architecture, people and construction until you get to 72nd Street where it abruptly ends! It reminds me of those streets in Europe and in Japan (Kyoto) where one minute you are walking down a modern urban street and then next, just after a turn down a side street you are thrust back hundreds of years and you are in old Japan or Medieval France.

Anyway, I decided to record my impressions of this wonderful street using nothing but my XE2. One camera,  one lens and my imagination!

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