Change Your Camera – Again


©2017 Dave Ortiz from the series, Natural History

Since I live in the suburbs of New Jersey, which is a very different environment from the streets of New York, my choice of camera is now different. I tend to slow down and really look at things when I am home. My camera vision is remarkably different between places. I tend to go back and forth from the street photography, shoot from the hip aesthetic in New York, to the contemplative, images arising form within model of photography in New Jersey. I tend to fluctuate between the two quite a bit.


©2017 Dave Ortiz from the series, The Grammar Of Existence

It is no surprise that I also fluctuate between 2 cameras; either my Nikon D810 or my Fujifilm X-Pro2 (or X-E2). One is a beastly full frame, 36MP  DSLR and the other is a slim rangefinder type with an APS-C sized lens. It is sort of like the difference between a Hasselblad medium format film camera and a good old fashion Leica M6. One is made for quick, no time to think reactions to the world, the other is a take your time and figure out exactly what I want to say type of photography.

The aesthetic between the 2 cameras are significant also and that aesthetic difference plays a large role in which camera I pickup. Of course I have been known to shoot with the D810 in the streets of New York (see image above). But when I want that shallow depth of field, painterly colors sort of look I go for the Nikon D810. It delivers magnificently and I cam make prints up to 24″ long. Change your camera vision, change your camera or is it change your camera, change your camera vision.


©2017 Dave Ortiz from the series, Natural History


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