We Are Surrounded


©2017 Dave Ortiz, from the series, Natural History

When you start making images you start out just wanting to please yourself. If you did not like doing what you are doing – you wouldn’t do it. Joy is found either in the process or the final result. For most it is a bit of both. I love being out in the world shooting but never really liked darkroom work. When digital came along and did away with the need for a wet darkroom my productivity skyrocketed and I took more joy in the final prints.

If like some, you make your living off of photography then there are other demands placed on your work. You are creating work for others which is separate but can also feed your personal work. Even if photography is your avocation you can sometimes put psychological demands on your work. You want to make work that will sell or that magazines will want to publish or galleries want to hang on a wall. All great endeavors but in the end you have to work in a way and on subjects that make you happy and keep you going. If you always work to please that fictional “other” you are bound to become disillusioned. If the Ansel Adams like accolades don’t come – so what.

This is what is underlying the series, Natural History. I have dropped any intellectual philosophies for my images. They only represent how I was seeing the world as a child and still do when I am at my most peaceful and happy.




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