©2017 Dave Ortiz

The British playwright, W. Somerset Maugham once wrote, “when it rains you should write that it rains”.  This is some rather simple but profound instructions for would be diarists whether using words or pictures. Daido Moriyama based his famous series “Record” on Maugham’s sentiment.

I take Maugham’s statement as connoting to keep your diary writing simple and straightforward. Looking back on my “Journal” entries it seems that I was a little too ambitious, vomiting up lots of images. So, a slight change in direction with Journal. From now on “Journal” will be for longer entries such as my coverage of the Puerto Rican Day Parade. A new series called “Rain” will be for posts containing one or two straight forward images that sum up my experience of the moment or the day.


©2017 Dave Ortiz


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