FOS #7


FOS7_CoverAnd so it seems that the US has given up on fighting the Coronavirus. New York has entered Phase One reopening and New Jersey, where I reside, is ready to do a Phase Two reopening. Personally, I think it is too soon and thankfully my place of employment will be taking going back to work onsite very slowly and carefully.

As readers know, I have been taking photos and creating a very personal impression of the pandemic quarantine and my time at home during this period. Like the reopening, I fear the publication of this series may be a bit premature but still, I think it makes a whole statement of some sort – ambiguity, our place relative to the natural world, shadows, distance, encroachment.Preview available on Blurb.

While we are on the subject of FOS. Just a note to tell you that FOS #6 Decoherence which I made as a Photobook to submit to a contest has been redone into the FOS magazine format. The magazine version is better sequenced and edited. I think it more closely adheres to my poetic intentions for the series. I think I forced this series out too soon, before it was really ready just to be able to submit to a photobook contest. I won’t do that again.

See FOS #6 at Blurb.