Me Time


©2018 Dave Ortiz

It’s that sleepy time of year in NYC. No one is about and all is relatively quiet. All my favorite photo blogs (what remains of them) are asleep. So I guess I’ll be taking some “me” time. I’ll pack up the family and go – literally – to the edge of land; Key West, Fl. We’ll be staying near the Hemingway House (yes, that Hemingway) and I also think there are some Tennessee Williams haunts about also.

I also need to recharge my photo batteries. Life has been a little hectic and I have had very little shooting time. I went out once a couple of weekends ago and I must admit I was able to get some ideas of future projects/series. But for now I will have peace and fun with my camera and family.

Maybe I’ll post a picture or two if inspired while away but most likely I’ll be back after Labor Day.

Enjoy the rest of the summer kids!