Heliography #4 – Frost on Window, ©2019 Dave Ortiz

The Association Of Heliographers was formed in New York in 1963. The group held there one and only exhibition that year at The Lever House. The group consisted of Paul Caponigro, Walter Chappell, Carl Chiarenza, William Clift. Marie Cosines, Nicholas Dean and Paul Petricone.

From the catalog:

The images… evidence a clarity of vision which can both penetrate and transcend the subject matter photographed, providing material manifestation of the envisioned experience. The public is invited to share these experiences.

That is what they meant when they said “photograph an object for what else it is”. The Heliographers were for the most part former students of Minor White and so the “Equivalent” tradition was strong in this group. The images are psychological in nature. They are metaphors for emotional states and for knowledge that we carry around inside of us but do not yet realize we possess.

“Photograph to remember what you have not yet seen.” – Walter Chappell


Heliography #3 , ©2019 Dave Ortiz