Shoot What Interests You


©2019, Treasure Box #1

Back in the late 1980’s when I was just a wee lad wielding a camera clumsily one of my photography teachers gave me an exercise to do. It was aimed at having me figure out what I am interested in visually. I was told to shoot whatever catches my eye without thinking. To shoot instinctively. If it catches your eye even for a second – snap a picture. Now this was back in the days of film where each click of the shutter cost about forty cents to get to a final machine print.  I was not a rich kid.

But anyway I did it for a week and in the end I had about 10 contact sheets worth of pictures and in class that week I got visually psychoanalyzed (oh, the pain!).

Why am I bringing t his up? Well it seems that although I tend to work in series where I come up with a general idea or theme and then shoot around that theme. right now I don’t have any specific theme or idea to work with. Actually I was getting tired of working that way.


©2019, “Community Garden 111th Street, NYC”, Treasure Box #2

And so with summer almost upon us and some vacation time ahead I thought I would just photograph whatever happened to catch my eye.  Visual treasures (to me at least). What does one do with treasure. You put it in a box, a treasure box.