…figuring out how to make something out of not knowing enough


©2019 Dave Ortiz, from the series; Decoherence

And so issue #6 of FOS is off tot he printers. I included a short little essay/artist statement. I am posting it below. Hopefully you will enjoy. Hopefully you will leave a comment. It should be available for purchase in December.


The Poetics of Decoherence 

It is claimed that reality, at its most fundamental level, is simply a wave of probability. A storm of potential that comes ashore only when it is observed. The chance-laden fog collapses and entangles the observer in its touch.

Decoherence is what scientist label this phenomenon of chance becoming reality. And so what happens to all those other possibilities of being? Theories abound, mainly made up of figuring out how to make something out of not knowing enough. One especially imaginative scientist postulated that the very act of observing, of becoming entangled with the possibilities, cleaves the world and creates nests for all those wings of chance that we will never get to experience. I wonder if I could catch a glimpse of those other worlds via reflections in car windows or mirrors or even puddles on the street?

A photographer once famously claimed that the act of photography is just copying the world. I think he is right. Photography is a copy of a single, immediate permutation of reality, one that would change if the shutter were pressed a second later. Photography is a form of decoherence. If I hang a copy of the world and leave it to the elements does it then become a separate reality?

And so here we have one more book in which someone figures out how to make something out of not knowing enough. A work woven out of the cloth of uncertainty. Is reality dependent upon the observer? Does the photographer create their own little worlds every time they snap the shutter button? I do not know if a photographer has that power over reality, but I know he has power over his own copy of reality.